Big Cat — Jaguar F-Type Facelift

The outgoing model of the F-Type has been in its current form for a few years now and we think it’s still one of the most beautiful cars around. Now, the F-Type has been updated and features a new front end that bears a resemblance to every other vehicle in the Jaguar stable. Love or hate the front end, you have to admit the F-Type has such great proportions that it’s still very pleasing to look at.

The engines have been updated, too, with a four-cylinder base engine and a pair of supercharged V8 options to get your blood pumping. The base 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine is more than adequate, producing 296 bhp and over 40 kgm of torque, but it’s the 5.0-litre, supercharged V8 that we’re interested in. The V8 is available in two states of tune, a P450 variant, producing 444 bhp and 59.14 kgm of torque, and an all-wheel-drive P575 variant which bumps up the power figures to 567 bhp and 71.38 kgm of torque.

Prices for the Jaguar F-Type start from Rs 95.12 lakh and go all the way up to Rs 2.42 crore. All prices are ex-showroom, India. There is no word on when deliveries begin, but we’ll keep you posted about that. What we do know, however, is that it will have nine variants on offer, six coupe variants and three drop-top options.

Price List:
Jaguar F-TYPE (21MY) Price in India

2.0 I Coupe: Rs 95.12 lakh
2.0 I Coupe R-Dynamic: Rs 98.13 lakh
2.0 I Coupe First Edition: Rs 1.75 crore

5.0 I V8 Coupe R-Dynamic: Rs 1.26 crore
5.0 I V8 Coupe First Edition: Rs 1.29 crore
5.0 I V8 Coupe AWD R: Rs 2.27 crore

2.0 I Convertible R-Dynamic: Rs 1.6 crore
5.0 l V8 Convertible R-Dynamic: Rs 1.35 crore
5.0 I V8 Convertible AWD R: Rs 2.42 crore

All prices are ex-showroom, India.

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4-door – ’Ring Leader

What is it?
It’s the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4-door coupé. Mercedes would like you to believe that it’s a 4-door version of the absolutely mental Mercedes-AMG GT-R, the beast of the green hell, but really, it’s a sedan based off the E-Class chassis. It also features a name longer than its wheelbase.

Why should you care?
Sedan or not, the mad scientists over at AMG fettled with a regular sedan chassis, plonked in a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and sent it to the racetrack. The result is a car that currently holds the record for the fastest four-seater on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife. It completes the lap around the track in a mind-boggling — well, why don’t you find out for yourself in this video:

Great! What else does it do?
Remember us mentioning that ‘sedan’ bit? Turns out, it’s quite good at that, too. Click here to grab a free digital copy of the April 2020 issue of Motoring World magazine to read our feature story about the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ 4-door coupé. With a surprise rival, no less.

A Thunderous Roar — Lamborghini Squadra Corse NA V12 Hypercar Teased

There’s all manner of devastating news coming from Italy every day, but today, we have some good news for you. How about a thunderous roar from a naturally aspirated V12 engine? Oh yes, here is Lamborghini’s new track-only hypercar from Lamborghini’s motorsport division called the Squadra Corse.

The teaser Lamborghini shared starts with the Squadra Corse hypercar firing its engine with a symphony that you could mistake for a mid 90s Formula One car. This 6.5-litre V12 naturally aspirated engine produces a whopping 819 bhp! Torque figures and performance figures are still unknown, however, so we have to wait and see. Since this one is a track-only hypercar it has to look different from the ‘milder’ road-legal cars. So now, everything is larger, right from the rear wings to the roof scoops and dual air intakes.

What else do we know? That the hypercar is being developed by Squadra Corse’s Centro Stile department. And that, hopefully, by the end of 2020, Lamborghini will show us exactly what this car looks like. Hope this cheers up your spirit in these troubling times.