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Savita Oil Technologies Limited has restructured its positioning in the Indian lubricant market by relaunching its ‘Savsol’ lubricant brand. A home-grown speciality petroleum products company, Savita Oil Technologies Limited, has been involved in varied interests such as wind energy, automotive and industrial lubricants and petroleum products for diverse applications.

Since its introduction in 2007, Savsol lubricants and engine oils are said to be based on a very strong and rewarding business with key OEMs in the country. Now after 11 years of industry existence, the company has introduced its brand again in the market but with a new identity — enhanced vehicle performance that is also green and sensitive to the environment.

After in-depth research, the company has observed that the market had become highly undifferentiated. The retailers, as well as workshops, were under pressure with the proliferation of a large number of local brands and new entrants. Out of the numerous ideas tested, consumers and mechanics alike have now understood that along with the performance of the products they also need to be environmental friendly. Realising that going green is the need of the hour, the company has made a commitment that follows the same prospects and has projected the same as its brand promise, identity and packaging. The commitment also extends further in-terms of investment to develop new products that meet these expectations.

Savsol’s current portfolio consists of high-quality lubricants that have been blended from superior quality base oils. As per the company, the products comply and exceed the performance standards and also emission norms that are being implemented for all types of vehicles.

CEO of Lubes for Savita Oil, Sunil Aima said, “Savsol is a great example of world-class products, right here in India. In a market with increasing number of entrants at the branded end and proliferation of local players, we knew we had to emerge with a distinct proposition that differentiates Savsol for now and for the future. And this is not just cosmetic or for communication – it is a commitment from Savita, India’s only carbon-positive speciality petroleum company to have an innovation pipeline and bring in greener products. The new direction, co-developed with our stakeholders – consumers, mechanics and trade partners is a commitment to deliver uncompromising performance while constantly improving on environment-friendliness.”