Honda Jazz
Premium hatchbacks might offer great cabins and exterior designs, but the Jazz is one step ahead. It offers optional versatile seating, paddle shifters for when you want to feel like an F1 driver (although the 1.2-litre petrol isn't a quarter of what the current F1 engine offers; Alonso disagrees, though), and a lot of space. Also, not for the enthusiasts -- in the stock form. L: 3995 mm, H: 1544 mm; W: 1694 mm; KW: 1007-1066 kg; Max power: 87 bhp(P-MT/CVT), 98 bhp(D-MT); Max torque: 11.2 kgm(P-MT/CVT), 20.4 kgm(D-MT)
Current Issue
June 2024