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Lightens you by: Rs 17.61 lakh (ex-showroom)
Lives with: Kurt
Odometer reads: 7890 km
Drinking habits: 11 kpl

The Volkswagen Taigun has been creating a buzz lately, and for good reason. Its 24-hour endurance runs grabbed headlines, and after a short stint here at Motoring World, we can see why. Having taken the wheel for my commute between Pune and Mumbai once or twice in two weeks, the Taigun has proven itself as a champion on the highway.

It devours distances effortlessly, with a comfortable ride and a peppy engine that makes maintaining highway speeds a breeze. Fuel efficiency has also been impressive, a welcome quality. But with summer officially here, a hidden gem has emerged — the Taigun’s ventilated seats. They surprised me with how quickly they began to cool, acting even faster than the air conditioning itself. A true lifesaver on scorching commutes!

A touch more character would make the interiors of the Volkswagen Taigun nicer

However, there’s one area where the Taigun falls a bit short — the interior design. While everything feels well-built and functional, the overall layout comes across as a bit plain and uninspired. A touch more character and some additional physical buttons would go a long way in elevating the cabin experience. The current reliance on the touchscreen for many functions can be cumbersome while driving, especially on those bumpy highway stretches. A few well-placed physical buttons for frequently used controls would be a welcome addition.

We’ll be returning the Taigun soon, but stay tuned for our final verdict where we’ll go deeper into its performance, features, and that ever important question — would it be a worthy addition to your garage?