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Well, this was a first. I’ve never taken delivery of a long-term test car straight out of a car-carrier parked next to a highway. It was slightly bizarre, I have to say: the truck driver opened up the enormous cargo section, and I literally had to squint and peer inside it to spot the tiny Comet, strapped into place just behind the truck’s cab area. After all manner of metallic clangs and bangs, I gingerly reversed the little car out of the truck and took it home.

First impressions? Absolutely adorable. The thing is like a chihuahua in the car world — small, feisty, and bursting with personality. Zipping around Goa’s narrow roads is a breeze and parking it is a cakewalk, thanks to its excellent turning radius. The electric motor provides a pretty potent punch, and the instant torque makes overtaking a breeze; the lack of emissions is an added bonus. The A/C is powerful, the infotainment works well, there’s lots of room in the cabin and it attracts attention wherever I go. My parents, who swear by their Tata Nano, love the car too, and are seriously considering buying one.

However — and this is a big however — my apartment building doesn’t have an EV charger. Installing one involved a somewhat cumbersome process, which didn’t seem worth the effort given that the Comet will go back to MG soon. A scan of an EV charging map of my immediate neighbourhood showed several chargers — but none of them existed. A Tata Motors showroom nearby didn’t let me use its charger; a Hyundai showroom said I could, but only after I made some calls to Hyundai HQ. Currently, there’s 25 per cent charge left in the battery, and range anxiety is very much a factor. I’m setting off on various work trips now, so I’ll deal with the issue once I’m back in Goa.

Despite these challenges, the Comet has won me over; it embodies the Goan spirit quite well — laidback, vibrant, and content with a slower pace of life. It’s a delightful little car, but until the charging infrastructure catches up with the electric dream, it’s best suited for those who have a dedicated charging point at home, and a laidback attitude towards commutes.



Lightens you by: ₹ 9.37 LAKH (on-road, Mumbai)

Lives with: Pablo

Odometer reads: 3555 km

Charging habits: 200 km on a full charge