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The recent downpours in Pune transformed the city’s dry lake beds into unexpected playgrounds, and our long-term Maruti Suzuki Jimny was more than happy to oblige! The muck and dampness provided the perfect testing ground for the Jimny’s off-road prowess.

This little workhorse has been a valuable asset this month, serving double duty as a backup tracking car for shoots and a mobile hydration station for our crew. It’s officially surpassed the 20,000 km mark, ticking along reliably.

Muddy wheels a sign of a good time

While not without its quirks, the Jimny has proven itself a champ. The only major gripe is the sound insulation – road noise can be intrusive at times. Additionally, a bit more power wouldn’t hurt, especially on the highway.

However, these niggles are overshadowed by its strengths. This summer’s blistering heat hasn’t fazed the Jimny, with the air conditioning keeping us cool even during the most demanding shoots.

The Jimny has been a delightful companion, conquering unexpected mud baths and faithfully supporting our endeavours. We look forward to seeing what adventures the next 20,000 kilometres hold.



Lightens you by: ₹ 17.61 Lakh (ex-showroom)

Lives with: Kurt

Odometer reads: 20023 km

Drinking habits: 11 kpl