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On any other car, especially a petrol one, a range of 500 km would be appreciable. But put me in a diesel car and something in me just wants to see how far it’ll go on a single tankful. And so, once I had the i20’s 37-litre tank filled, I drove it mostly with a light foot to check how much I could manage. I spent half the tank driving in the city and the other half on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, so it’s a very real-world figure, too, except I’m yet to fill it up to get a proper figure. However, towards the end of the tankful, the i20’s readout showed me 20.9 kpl after having covered 720 km till then. And it’s far from running on fumes yet; I reckon it can do a solid 800 km. If that is correct, the i20 is capable of an excellent 21.6 kpl, which is not bad at all for a 100-bhp motor after dealing with Mumbai traffic, and then a 100-kph cruise to Pune and back. I wonder how much I can stretch it on a highway-only run.

Logging IT Out

Hyundai i20
Lightens you by:
Rs 10.61 lakh (on-road, Mumbai)
Lived with:
Odometer reads:
8968 km
Drinking habits:
20 kpl
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