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What are they?

The Quest Pro protective base layers are Rynox’s new range of soft armours integrated into the base layers. These are conceptualised to offer the full mobility required while off-roading without compromising on protection. The base layers are made of 90 per cent polyamide and 10 per cent elastane which not only makes it stretchable, but also breathable. The upper layer features CE level 1 chest protector, while the back, shoulder, and elbow armours are CE level 2. There’s also impact foam for the rib cage. Similarly, the lower base layer gets CE level 2 hip protector, a one-piece tailbone protector and impact foam for the thigh. For knee protection, Rynox offers the Bastion bionic knee armour.

Are they any good?

Despite the bulky armour on the upper body, the Quest Pro doesn’t restrict any movement. And having used it in the peak Mumbai heat, we can vouch for its breathability, too. Even the lower layer is good when it comes to comfort, but the icing on the cake is the integrated gel pad seat. This means, that irrespective of how hard or soft the seat is, long hours on the saddle won’t cause any discomfort. What the layer lacks is decent protection for the rib cage and thighs. Rynox could have at least added CE-certified thigh and tailbone protectors, especially considering the company’s partnership with D3O and it has its own line of protectors under the name Cerros.

How much?

The upper base layer costs Rs.9550 while the lower layer is priced at Rs.5750, which is a good deal if you are on the lookout for your first off-road riding gear.