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What are they?

The Terrain Evolution TX boots are entry-level enduro boots from Forma that pack some serious protection. For starters, the Terrain TX boots feature the brand’s Flex Control System (FCS) that acts as an ankle brace, restricting any unnatural movement. To top that off, there are injection-moulded plastic protectors paired with unbreakable buckles.

And to do justice to the intended use of these boots, there’s also a steel shank in them to retain their structure over time. There’s also a steel toe-cap for extra protection when tackling the gnarly stuff. Inside, there’s a plush memory foam interior with an anti-bacterial footbed for added comfort when using these for long durations. To protect the boots (and legs) from heat, the inner walls get rubber heat protection.

Are they any good?

As is with every enduro boots, these require you to break them in. But it won’t take long before they start feeling natural with their movement. Breathability is an issue if you live in a humid place, but the protection offered is unparalleled, and a compromise one can work with. The straps are sturdy and easily adjustable and though the ‘unbreakability’ of the buckles hasn’t been tested, they are holding up just fine after months of abuse.

Lastly, the sole is grippy and can be trusted in any terrain. What one should be wary of is that these aren’t waterproof, so getting your feet wet or donning waterproof socks are your only options.

How much?

These are priced at Rs. 25,500 at the time of writing, which is an absolute steal deal for a CE-certified enduro boot.