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What is it?

Track-capable riding boots with a microfibre upper, featuring an Air Pump System that uses perforations to send air from a centralised area in the footbed to the entire insole. The APS air circulation system within the Freccia Boot keeps your feet cool and comfortable. It also has a waterproof Drytex lining that is breathable, so you stay dry even in wet conditions.

Is it any good?

The boot is crafted from microfibre upper material, which combines durability and flexibility for optimal performance. An integrated ankle support system provides stability and protection during rides, while strategically placed injection moulded plastic protections offer enhanced impact resistance, in case of crashes. The toe and ankle protection sliders are replaceable, allowing for an extended product lifespan. The boot features an anti-slip sports rubber sole, allowing for a confident grip on any surface. Air ventilation pockets are incorporated to promote airflow and breathability, ensuring comfort during rides. The combination of Velcro straps and a zip closure the system allows for a secure and relatively adjustable fit.

The inner lining is made from Forma’s proprietary Drytex material, offering both waterproof and breathable properties. Polyurethane nylon reinforcements are integrated into the boot’s construction to enhance durability and strength. The boot features soft polymer padding with memory foam for superior comfort and a personalised fit. The midsole is constructed with TPU Dual Flex technology and anti-shock EVA material, providing excellent shock absorption and support. Having used it for a while now, it is comfortable, durable and offers a good deal of protection (CE level), all at a decent price point.

How much?

Rs. 21,000