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What is it?

The new Explorer V4 Pro jacket is Royal Enfield’s latest dual-weather riding jacket equipped with D3O level-2 armour, while the Tso Kar riding pants are CE-certified trousers fitted with Knox level-2 protection at the knees and hips.

Is it any good?

The Explorer V4 Pro jacket now comes in a dual-tone colour scheme, as compared to the earlier V3 jackets. In addition, the upgrade includes D3O Level-2 protectors at the shoulders and elbows, providing ample impact protection. The back features Royal Enfield’s very own ‘Ergo Pro Tech’ level-2 back armour and dedicated pockets for chest protectors on the front. It is wellventilated and durable, built with ‘Superflow Mesh’, a 450 GSM Poly fabric, reinforced with Cordura patches at the shoulders and elbows.

As for the Tso Kar riding pants, they are CE-certified trousers that are made up of 600 D, are highly abrasion resistant, and also have rainproof polyester fabric construction. The trousers have a ventilation system with zippers located at the thighs. There are also accordion panels at the knees and back for flexibility and freedom of movement. It features Knox level-2 protection at the knees as well as hips, and additionally comes with a winter liner, too.

Having used both the jacket as well as the pants extensively on day-long road trips through the biting morning cold as well as sweltering afternoon heat, we can vouch for the construction quality as well as the comfort factor. It offers good visibility, with enough reflective elements, not to mention the convenience of a ‘TruDry’ waterproof pocket inside the jacket. We are happy to recommend the pair as something we found very likeable to use, and more importantly, feel safe in.

How much?
Explorer V4 Pro jacket: Rs 11,500
Tso Kar riding pants: Rs 11,500