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A special edition of the Eichi II timepiece commemorates the celebration of Credor’s 50th anniversary in 2024.

The Eichi series, founded in 2008 has garnered global acclaim for its minimalist design, craftsmanship and movement technology. Incorporating hand-painted porcelain dials with a deep blue colour, and an 18K yellow-gold with Credor logo hand-painted.

Powering the timepiece is a manual-winding spring drive calibre 7R14, featuring a barrel design with a power reserve of up to 60 hours through its Torque Return System. Credor states that this timepiece calls an ode to the symbol of Shiojiri City

Credor further stated that in the firing process, the wearer will notice the gold delicately applied over the hand-painted elements, creating a warm, multi-dimensional aesthetic reminiscent of the Edo period’s traditional craft technique known as ‘Ruri-Kinsai’.

This limited edition of 30 commemorative watches will be available from June 2024 onwards.