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How are you spending this lockdown period?
When I’m not working from home, I’m dividing my time between reading, sketching, performing chores and playing with my dogs.

What is the one vehicle you wish you were quarantined with?
Probably a classic. One that I would be reluctant to drive under normal circumstances and quite happy to just stare at. So probably a 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

What is the first thing you intend to do once this situation passes?
Take my motorcycle out for a long, early-morning ride. Then I’d like to order a pizza. It’s the simple things.

What is the most important thing you’ve realised thanks to this lockdown?
That pants are overrated. That introverts had it right, all along. I’ve realized that I don’t actually need much more than a few books, sheets of paper and a laptop for an intellectually fulfilling life.

Where do you see the automotive industry going after the lockdown?
I think cab aggregates and shared mobility services are going to suffer the most. People will want to cocoon themselves for a while and as a result, we might see a surge in the sale of entry to mid-sized cars. Two-wheelers will also see a bump in sales, but not till the last annual quarter. People would like to wait and closely monitor the situation.

Do you expect the government to help? If yes, how?
To begin with, automobile loans should be made cheaper. GST slabs on two-wheelers and luxury cars will need to be revised as well. We should also look into sourcing and manufacturing smaller components locally so that we are less reliant on China or any other potential supply chain disruption. We should ideally be exporters of components during times of crisis.

How has your company adapted to this situation?
All the necessary software to enable WFH have been put in place, including remote access to our work systems. For the moment, we’re doubling down on digital stories and social media campaigns as media consumption on digital platforms has gone up considerably.

With the lockdown, has your workload reduced, gone up or remained the same?
For the moment, it appears to have reduced. But that can change quite quickly.

Even after the lockdown is over, would you prefer to work from home?
Yes, absolutely. If talk shows can be hosted remotely, I can definitely perform my job from the comfort of my home.