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How are you spending this lockdown period?
I’ve been reading, sleeping, exercising and catching up on that ‘laid back life’, something that I don’t get to do normally.

What is the one vehicle you wish you were quarantined with?
I’m not usually one to pick a four wheels over two, but since we’ve got about 5 weeks, I’m thinking I’d like to be stuck with a kit car, completely disassembled and the instruction manual missing. I’m always up for a challenge. Which one you ask? A good ol’ Caterham 620R

What is the first thing you intend to do once this situation passes?
I’d love to get on my dirt bike and go camp out in the woods. I’m used to social distancing and talking to myself, but what I really miss is being out in nature. I’ve been riding to some place remote every weekend for the last one year, it’s something I don’t think I will take for granted ever again.

What is the most important thing you’ve realised thanks to this lockdown?
Is that the pollution levels have dropped and the Himalayas are visible from Punjab, but the bigotry, selfishness and greed is all visible right out your window.

Where do you see the automotive industry going after the lockdown?
It’ll be a bit of a pause and uncertainty for the next 12 to 18 months but  the auto sector will definitely bounce back in a big way, not only with sales but also possibly with manufacturing from China moving to India.

Do you expect the government to help? If yes, how?
Yes! I’m sure the Government will offer and generously provide a lot of relief to everyone. Comic relief that is.

How has your company adapted to this situation?
I currently work for an airline and we’ve been grounded since the beginning of the lockdown and will continue to be till the government lifts sanctions. We’ve had to take pay cuts, but the measures still aren’t as bad as what most other companies in the world have had to do to stay afloat.

With the lockdown, has your workload reduced, gone up or remained the same?
My workload is one big naught. But I’m cooking and cleaning a lot and working on myself,  if that counts.

Even after the lockdown is over, would you prefer to work from home?
It may be worth a try but I think the 180 passengers in the back of the airplane wouldn’t be as comfortable knowing that both the pilots were flying the aircraft from their living rooms in their PJs. Besides the view wouldn’t be as spectacular.