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Not a lot of manufacturers get into customer-involvement activities. However, Renault recently started doing this with its Gang of Dusters event. What is it? A weekend of travel, fun and adventure where anybody who owns a Duster can come and register for Rs 12,000 and take a break from their daily lives. We were invited to join the Gang for the ‘Great Western Adventure’ and we 
gladly agreed.

Around 40 Dusters filled with owners and their families set off from Mumbai and headed towards Aamby Valley. Aamby Valley is home to 19 Degrees North, a mecca for adventure sports in this region. The organisers had set up an off-road course so that the owners of the Dusters could get a feel for what their cars were like once they ventured off the tarmac. And it wasn’t just off-roading. The customers also got to experience almost all the adventure activities that 19 Degrees North offers. This was Day One, post which the customers retired to the Aamby Valley Resort for a night of partying 
and fun.

Day Two was when the entire convoy left Aamby Valley and headed towards Kolad via the scenic route from Aamby Valley. Once there, the customers were treated to a day of river rafting. So if you own a Duster but have been putting off that weekend getaway where you can relax and have some fun away from the worries of work, then the Gang of Dusters is a great way to take a break. Keep an eye out on Renault’s website and social media feeds for news of other similar activities happening soon.