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Hino Motors, a Toyota Group company; has been quietly going about with its business in India. Known for their high quality trucks and comfortable cabins. Hino Motors sells two products of the 500 series in India, the FL rigid truck and the FM tipper. Hino’s future plans include introducing their brand of buses in India.

500 Series – FL8J, FM8J: Both the FL and a FM models are built around the Hino J-series engine, which has an inline-six layout and is turbocharged and intercooled. They come in two engine tunes, 209 bhp for the 25-tonne FL truck and a 246 bhp for the 25-tonne tipper. With a nine-speed gearbox and a crawler gear, the more powerful FM tipper achieves a gradeability of 40 percent, much higher than the 30 percent of the FL truck with its six-speed gearbox. Both trucks are equipped with ABS, a heavy-duty bogie suspension and a fully furnished AC cabin. While the FM rigid chassis can be used as a refrigerator van, compactor and tanker, the FM tipper is sold with a Hyva made 16 CuM box body or a 14 CuM rock body.