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At Punjab Offroaders, we’re a close-knit community bound by our passion for conquering rugged terrain and creating lasting memories together. We organise a variety of events tailored for every off-road enthusiast like us. Whether it’s our weekly ‘Off-The-Roads’ or monthly ‘Marathon 4×4 Drive,’ there’s something to suit your taste. Plus, our quarterly training camps like ‘Know Your Car’ ensure that you are always prepared for the trails, understanding your vehicle’s capabilities and limitations.

Our recent signature event, ‘Punjab Detour,’ drew over 100 vehicles, making it a highlight of north India’s off-road calendar. Featuring head-to-head speed sprints, extreme off-roading challenges, and rallies through rugged terrain, it was an experience like no other.

But Punjab Detour isn’t just about the event— it’s a vibrant celebration of motorsports that goes beyond the thrill of the track. We’re dedicated to nurturing a grassroots movement, offering activities for both speed enthusiasts and off-road adventurers like myself. Led by an experienced team, each event promises unforgettable moments and lasting connections within our dynamic community.