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Sunday morning. Empty road. Wide open throttle. This is the combination that a 650cc Royal Enfield rider craves. Our club organized a breakfast ride from Ahmedabad for our 650cc customers including Continental GT, Interceptor and the SuperMeteor. The riders assembled at the dealership gates, early in the morning for a briefing session to ensure the safety of the pack and later rode down to Gallops Food Plaza, Anand to satisfy the ‘muncher’ inside the mile muncher.

Adding an unexpected twist to the ride plan, we extended a warm invitation to riders from Vadodara, turning a simple breakfast ride into a heartwarming reunion of the riding community. The result? A gathering that surpassed expectations, bringing together a remarkable 45+ twin 650cc riders under the common banner of Royal Enfield camaraderie. It was more than just a ride; it was a collective celebration of the spirit of riding, fostering bonds that had weathered the test of time and distance.