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Sahyadri Offroaders organised ‘Drive For Good’, a unique event that featured off-roading for a purpose. To enter the drive, participants had to pay a nominal fee, which was then doubled by the club, and further used to support a charity program benefiting a labour camp in Pune. The event gathered educational material for 230 children, ensuring that people had fun while doing good for society.

Over 75 vehicles from cities like Pune, Mumbai, Satara and Thane joined the drive, navigating six challenging tracks with mud pits, inclines, and declines. The event was held in partnership with Pride World City. There was scrumptious breakfast and lunch on-site as well. Despite the heat, participants appreciated the engaging experience, combining adventure with a noble cause.

Sahyadri Offroaders’ ‘Drive For Good’ exemplified the power of community and adventure enthusiasts coming together to make a positive impact. It show how passion for offroading can be harnessed for the greater good, leaving a lasting impression on both participants and the community alike.