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Lexus is the master of understated elegance in the world of automobiles, where Lexus is the conductor, arranging a pleasing fusion of grandeur and performance amidst the symphony of engines and the choreography of innovation. The sensory cocoon Lexus gives in every drive can be compared to the culinary mix of a gourmet dinner and a rocket launch. And we’re not just looking through the windows of the store; we’re really driving their newest flagship luxury SUV, the LX 500d. Imagine it as the height of extravagance on wheels, a five-star hotel room transported across the country. It’s more than simply an SUV; it’s a magnificent feat of engineering whose size and distinction could even make the moon envious. A real titan of elegance and strength, the LX 500d smoothly dominates highways with an atmosphere that commands respect. It is to roads what a majestic whale is to the sea.

the soft setup of the lexus lx 500d helps keep things settled

Oh, but the story doesn’t end there. The LX 500d’s silhouette commands both presence and prestige, looking like the architectural child of a futuristic spaceship and a regal palace. It feels as though you are being invited to a formal soirée as you slide into its plush embrace, where every voyage becomes a symposium of style and comfort. So buckle up, my fellow explorers, for this drive isn’t just about driving an SUV; it’s also about making a statement: ‘Yes, I’m here to conquer the road, one luxurious mile at a time!’

Imagine the LX 500d as a charmer eager to steal the show on the road. It has a grille up front that is not simply big; it has a slatted design that exudes refinement and is the SUV’s equivalent of a red carpet arrival. What about the headlights? They even packed a chrome strip for added bling-bling, and they’re swept back like someone’s rushing to the elegance party. As if that weren’t enough, the lower bumper proudly displays an air intake so large that you’d think it was training to be an Olympic pool, coupled with fog lights that could lead you through the thickest of fogs – or a pretty darkly-lit parking lot. The LX 500d literally flexes its muscles as we turn to look at it from the side. A Michelangelo masterpiece cut out of steel, the sculpted side profile is like the frosting on an elegant and aerodynamic cake. The sloping roofline completes the design. Wheels’ arches are somewhat of the SUV’s way of announcing, ‘Hey, I have the strength to wrestle a bear, if necessary.’ But don’t let its rough exterior fool you; the windows with chrome trim and the power-operated soft-close doors serve as a subtle reminder that this SUV also knows how to pamper yourself.

the lexus lx 500d waves goodbye in a fashionable manner

Now coming to the rear, the LX 500d now waves goodbye in a fashionable manner. The tailgate, which will reveal the next act of the opulent spectacle, is as large as a theatre’s entrance curtain. Those rear lights? A chrome strip that resembles a showy bowtie connects them and gives the back of the car some class. The lower bumper, too? Let’s just say that it is dressed in silver to let everyone know that this SUV is not only tough but also stylish.

rear passengers get their own share of pampering

When you step inside the Lexus LX 500d, you might start to think that you’ve entered the mobile presidential suite of a five-star hotel. Not only is it roomy, but it also has a great music system and is like having your own luxury cabin
in the sky on wheels. What about the seats? You would believe they were competing for a spot in a spa commercial if they weren’t wrapped in such luxurious leather. The wood and metal trim, which comes in a variety of materials like walnut, rosewood, ebony, aluminium, and even carbon fibre, should also not be overlooked. It’s as if they are serving up a smorgasbord of luxury for you to enjoy. Do you need to warm up or cool off? With heated and ventilated seats in both the first and second rows, the LX 500d has you covered.

That 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system is like having your own personal command centre, and don’t even get me started on that. Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? Yes, your smartphone and your SUV are like best friends. The digital instrument cluster, too, I suppose? It’s like a technological marvel that can change into whatever you need it to be, whether it be audio, navigation, or just a pleasant reminder of how awesome you look when you’re in charge. In relation to audio, have you heard of the Mark Levinson sound system’s 19 speakers and subwoofer? Saying that your SUV may end up competing with your home theatre for the title of the best sound in the house. However, there’s still more! The panoramic sunroof, which lets in all the Vitamin D you’ve been missing, is like having a skylight in your SUV. And security? With features that could compete with a superhero’s arsenal, the LX 500d has your front, sides, and everything else covered. So, while driving the LX 500d, don’t be shocked if you start to question whether you accidentally entered a resort. It’s so sumptuous, so welcoming, and so prepared to turn every drive into a royal experience.

A powerful 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 diesel engine with a strong 304 bhp and a remarkable 71.38 kgm of torque can be found under the hood of the LX. Like a heavyweight fighter in a tuxedo, it has enough of power for manoeuvring in cities and cruises down the highway with ease. If you want to overtake someone, keep in mind that you are driving a moving skyscraper, so planning your manoeuvre is essential. Even in the more leisurely normal or comfort modes, pressing the throttle causes the LX to roar forward, leaving you to wonder if you unintentionally set off a little seismic event.

Even during a leisurely journey, the engine’s distinctive grumble may make you believe you are hosting a karaoke session under the hood. But don’t be deceived; Lexus is an expert at building sophisticated engines. They once showcased a tower of champagne glasses atop their engine while it was gracefully waltzing around on a dyno; it was a display of class and horsepower. Regarding overtaking, picture yourself negotiating a busy market while carrying a grand piano on your back; with careful time and movement, you’ll move through the situation without incident. On average, the LX 500d gets 5 kpl in the city and 8 kpl on the highway. These numbers might not be as glamorous as a disco ball, but for a diesel-powered behemoth, they hold their own quite admirably.

some engine noise does creep into the cabin

Channel your inner Zen master to make this thirsty-for-fuel voyage an economical adventure. The LX 500d can be converted from a luxurious cruise to a turbocharged rocket ride by selecting Sport S or Sport S+. The gearbox shifts more quickly than a squirrel taking your goodies, the engine revs up, and the suspension tightens like your hold on a roller coaster. The problem is that the engine sound also decides to join the celebration, roaring loud enough to disturb a bear that is hibernating. If this happens, you might find yourself searching for the Comfort button while wondering whether you accidentally let loose a rock band.

Speaking of under the hood, you’ve got a 10-speed automatic gearbox in cahoots with the engine. It’s like they’re dance partners, waltzing through the gears with finesse. Off-the-line acceleration is snappy, and by the time they hit 10th gear, you’re no longer wondering if you’re driving or if Godzilla decided to borrow your car. With the manual mode and those cool metal paddle shifters, you can certainly imagine you’re a Dakar rally driver, Lets be honest: this isn’t a car created for winding roads, it’s a luxury flagship designed for swaggering through the city. Thanks to Toyota’s clever TNGAF platform, the new LX has dropped a solid 200 kg compared to its bulky predecessor, so it’s not missing the gym. However, parking is a challenge and manoeuvring this monster through traffic seems like attempting to fit an elephant through a revolving door. For that three point turn, let’s just say you might need to enlist the Hulk.

immensely, capable, but you may not want to ruin that gorgeous front end with muck!

Let’s talk about handling, or even ‘gentle persuasion.’ The LX rolls and pitches in corners, with some amount of body roll. While switching to Sport+ mode is beneficial, it’s more like teaching a rhino to dance than anything else; it’s endearing but not really graceful. The LX is the SUV diplomat when it comes to ride quality, though. It handles rough roads like a seasoned diplomat defusing difficult situations since it is equipped with adjustable air suspension and large 22-inch wheels. Only craters large enough to fit a small car are noticeable due to the soft setup and the massive 265/50 tyres that practically steamroll everything in their path. Off-road? Adventurer, do not fear! The LX has low-range gears, Multi-Terrain Select, and adjustable suspension. So feel free to explore the unknown, but keep in mind that dirt can ruin that stylish front end.

The LX has always been the odd man out amongst its competitors posh amenities. It’s similar to arriving at a black-tie event wearing trainers that aren’t quite the usual but still have their own unique charm. The LX’s charm is difficult to pin down but simple to respect. It’s like the family recipe that never fails and is renowned for its unshakable dependability; in a world of trends, that’s a rare gem. So, granted, it could set you back Rs 2.8 crore (ex-showroom) and a couple of coveted parking spaces, but guess what? It’ll undoubtedly outlive your pet goldfish and might even end up becoming the most cherished heirloom in the family. The LX might be your ‘happily ever after’ investment if you’re prepared to make a lifetime commitment to one SUV.