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Are you a Volkswagen owner? You might want to check out the Play Store, or the App Store if you’re an iPhone user (it’s okay, everyone makes mistakes). The German carmaker has rolled out its latest brainchild, the MyVolkswagen app, which will help owners with a variety of functions available on your smartphone.

So what exactly does the MyVolkswagen app help you with? If you’re a prospective customer, it offers you the ability to view Volkswagen India’s portfolio, along with scheduling test drives, a 360-degree view of the model you’re interested in, and online booking as well. With the app, you can also calculate EMI and service costs, along with monitoring your car’s fuel usage. In case you’re exchanging your old car for a VW, the app can also conduct an evaluation of your old car’s value.

The “My Volkswagen” app also offers an innovative ‘Digital Owner’s Manual’ that provides information on the signs, symbols and warnings that could potentially appear on the analogue or digital display screen and/or infotainment of the vehicle. Then you also get safety features such as location tracking, geo-fencing, time-fencing, and vehicle health monitoring. You can also use the app to locate your nearest Volkswagen dealer, service station, and even get on-road assistance should the need arise.

What more could you possibly want / need from an app, right?