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Times are a changing and the government is after big capacity diesel engines, with bans being enforced left and right across the country. The Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid, though, would not need to worry about them. For one, the main engine is a supercharged and a turbocharged petrol mill which, for good measure, is 2.0-litre unit. Secondly, as the name suggests, there are two engines, with an 87 bhp electric motor adding to the internal combustion engine’s power output. Together these two motors generate a combined 400 bhp with either of them capable of working independently, or together, as the situation demands.

Volvo XC90

Since the T8 is a plug-in hybrid, the electric batteries can be charged externally; four hours to fully charge it. Fully charged the T8 can be driven in purely electric mode for a distance of 60km, at speeds of upto 120 kph. The range, ofcourse, is just an indicative figure, differing a lot in real world conditions. After the batteries are depleted, the petrol motor kicks in, in hybrid mode, with the power that is being transferred to the wheels coming from a either of the engines or both. All together there are five driving modes to choose from, with an Individual option where one can mix and match the different modes and tailor it one’s usage.

Volvo Gearlever

Much has been said and written about the Volvo XC90’s fantastic interiors and the T8, being the range topper gets a few more baubles like a gear stick crafted by hand using ‘traditional glass blowing’ methods. Quite an anachronism in a car filled to the brim with technology.

Volvo is expected to launch the T8 later this year, and will be carrying a healthy premium over the present T5.