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Volvo has unveiled the EX90, the new flagship SUV of the Swedish brand. The all-electric 3-row 7-seater SUV is its most powerful, safest electric car with the longest range, with up to 600 km range on a single charge.

Volvo EX90 EV 4

The new flagship gets typical Volvo design elements but follows a fresher design approach. The front profile gets sleek LED headlights, and a neat front end, with a protruding panel on the roof for the LIDAR scanner. The side profile looks clean and straightforward with a slight resemblance to the XC90. The rear gets the signature Volvo tail-light design but with a gap between the pillar lights and the traditional lights.

Volvo EX90 EV 5

The LIDAR scanner is equipped as standard, detects pedestrians up to 250 m away and offers Level 3 autonomous capability. It is also supported by an array of sensors, radars and cameras to ensure peak occupant safety.

Volvo EX90 EV 1

The electric SUV gets a dual-motor, all-wheel drive powertrain that offers a claimed range of 600 km and bi-directional charging. It comes with a 107 kWh battery. It can use 250 kW DC charging that can charge it from 10 to 80 per cent in 30 minutes. The standard version offers 408 bhp and 78.5 kgm of peak torque, while the Performance variant offers 510 bhp and 92.7 kgm of torque. It is also capable of accelerating from zero to 100 kph in 4.9 seconds.

Volvo EX90 EV 3

The interior gets a very premium, but minimalistic approach with a layered design. There is a huge 14.5-inch vertically-oriented touchscreen instead of physical controls. It also features a sleek digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. It further allows owners to use their smartphones as the vehicle key with settings that can be stored in profiles for individualised experiences. Once launched it will be taking on the likes of the Audi Q8 e-tron, BMW iX SUV and the Mercedes-Benz EQB SUV.

Volvo EX90 EV 2