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Volvo has announced that there will be electrification in all its future models — be it partial (hybrid) or full — launched from 2019 onwards. The range will include all-electric, hybrid, and mild hybrid vehicles.

The Swedish company also announced that a total of five new all-electric models will be launched from 2019 to 2021. Three of these will be regular Volvo products, while the other two will be performance-orientated Polestar offerings.

The company aims to sell a million electrified vehicles by 2025. Helping it achieve that will be, in addition to the aforementioned new all-electric models, a range — to be the widest from any other manufacturer — of plug-in and mild hybrid vehicles, available with both diesel and petrol engines.

Volvo also intends to reduce its carbon footprint even further, with climate-neutral manufacturing as well. The move also confirms that there will be no future Volvo cars with conventional internal combustion engines alone.

But if you fancy a hybrid Volvo, you can choose from the T8-engined models. In India, the said powertrain is currently available on the XC90.