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If you’d thought Volvo would just take the safety features from its 90-Series vehicles and offer them in the all-new XC60, you are wrong. Because the Geneva Motor Show-bound Volvo XC60 won’t just share its platform and safety systems with the S90, V90, and XC90, but will get updated safety features.

So before the scaled-down XC90 styling, the Thor’s Hammer headlamps, and the Sensus-equipped interior manage to sway your attention away (as they would on March 7), let’s have a look at the slightly more important updates in safety headed your way. If you’re looking to buy a new XC60, that is.

Apart from the standard features like run off-road mitigation, large animal detection, optional Pilot Assist, etc. the XC60 gets an updated City Safety. So apart from applying brakes (automatically, should there be a need), the car will also be able to provide additional steering assistance to avoid obstacles. The system works between speeds 50 and 100 kph.

The same steering assistance has been added to the Blind Spot Information system, in which, if there’s an imminent collision, due to an obstacle/vehicle in the car’s blind spot, not only will the XC60 notify the driver but will also steer away from danger.

Another important addition is that of the Oncoming Lane Mitigation system. Applicable between 60 kph and 140 kph, it will provide steering assistance and help bring the car back away from the oncoming lane.

That’s that for safety. Elsewhere, expect engine options no larger than 2-litre, a styling that’s inline with the current crop of Volvos, vertically stacked taillamp cluster, and AWD. Since Volvo doesn’t produce cars in India, we hope that it won’t take too long for the brand to make the XC60 available in the Indian market as well.

Volvo XC60 Taillamp Revealed

With that, the company will have three new SPA-based products on sale: the XC90, S90, and XC60. Globally the CMA-based smaller products are expected soon, too.