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While we’ve been relishing the Hilux on sale here, Toyota has unveiled a new version based on the recently-unveiled IMV 0 platform. It is called the Hilux Champ, and Toyota has plans to launch it in Thailand and other emerging markets. Alongside many EV concepts, the ICE-only IMV 0 platform was among the highlights at Toyota’s stand at the Japanese Mobility Show, sticking true to its promise of not ‘forcing’ people to choose only one powertrain.

These interiors seem nice

The Toyota Hilux Champ channels the spirit of some of the older, legendary pickups, as is evident with its design — a modern take on classic looks. Toyota is offering the Hilux Champ in a wide range of configurations such as single-cab, double-cab (short and long wheelbase for the uninformed), and even customization options. Underneath those modern-retro looks, Toyota gives three powertrain options to choose from; a 2-litre petrol, a 2.7-litre petrol, and a 2.4-litre diesel engine. Interestingly, the long-wheelbase trim, specced with the 2.4-litre diesel engine has the same wheelbase measurement as the Hilux that’s sold here.

The possibilities are endless with the IMV 0 platform

In case you’re wondering, Toyota has not commented anything regarding a potential India launch. However, there are rumors about a smaller, more affordable version of the Fortuner being spawned off of this platform.

Or, perhaps if we could get that smaller Land Cruiser that is said to be in the works?