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Introduced in 2009, the Toyota Fortuner has become a success story of sorts; it effectively managed to bring sales to the full-size SUV segment. And made Toyota very proud! And why shouldn’t they be, especially since more than a lakh of Fortuners have been sold since then! The latest-gen Fortuner (huge improvement over the previous version; more can be found in our review here) sticks close to the tradition, and has thus garnered 10,000 bookings in a short period of two months since it was launched in the Indian market.

Currently enjoying up to 3 months of waiting period (company data), the Fortuner has found almost 5,000 homes already, and the company is said to be working hard to ensure the rest of the deliveries don’t take too long, either. But apart from discussing the success of the car, Toyota also delved into announcing the slight change in its customers’ preferences. That there’s an increasing number of takers for the automatic version of the car (in both 2WD and 4WD iterations).

What hasn’t changed is the love for the white colour – close to 60 per cent orders are said to be of the Super White shade.

To recapitulate, the Toyota Fortuner is now available in two engine options: a 2.8-litre diesel and a 2.7-litre petrol. AWD and automatic gearbox, both are available as options; petrol is 2WD only, though. There are seven airbags standard, and apart from other features, 4WD gets both High and Low range gears.

Prices start at Rs 25.92 lakh for the base petrol, and at Rs 27.52 lakh for the base diesel. The fully-loaded diesel-powered variant is priced at Rs 31.12 lakh. In comparison its main rival, the Ford Endeavour, is priced at Rs 23.78 lakh onwards for the base 2.2-litre engined version, going all the way up to Rs 30.89 lakh for the Titanium 3.2 4×4 AT. The Endeavour doesn’t get a petrol engine, but instead gets two diesel engine options, and some nifty features.