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The MG One SUV is based on the Sigma architecture design. It can create many body types right from hatchbacks to sportscars from that design. Even developing up to 70 per cent of interior space efficiency and providing numerous powertrain options (no word on the figures, however).

From the photos, we can see there are two variants — Sporty and Fashionable — that can be easily distinguished. Both variants have different grilles and alloys. It does have plenty of sporty bits to it. For instance, the sloping roofline, the split tail lights, unique alloys, among others. The interior design is still a mystery to everyone, but it claims to have managed to utilise the cabin space quite effectively. Further, it says that the cars will feature ‘hard-core software technology’.

MG says that the Sigma architecture design is extremely versatile as it can underpin internal combustion engine cars as well as electric vehicles. Oh, and it can create a variety of body types right from hatchbacks to sportscars. Well, what do you think of its design, then? Would you prefer an MG based on the Sigma architecture design?