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Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the EQS sedan, featuring a refreshed design and a significant power upgrade. This luxury electric vehicle (EV) aims to take on the competition with an extended electric range and a look that pays homage to classic Mercedes-Benz models.

New ‘grille’ on the Mercedes-Benz EQS facelift

The most striking change is the EQS‘s new front fascia. Gone is the bold, almost grille-less design of the previous model. In its place sits a restyled front end reminiscent of the iconic S-Class, complete with a three-bar grille and the option for a standing hood ornament. This design shift caters to those who prefer a more traditional Mercedes-Benz look, potentially attracting a wider range of buyers.

But the upgrades go far beyond aesthetics. The EQS boasts a larger battery pack, upping the usable capacity from 108.4 kWh to 118.0 kWh. This, coupled with improvements to the regenerative braking system, translates to an estimated range increase of 11%. This means the most efficient model, the EQS450+, could potentially reach up to 628 km on a single charge, making it a compelling option for long-distance travel.

The rear bench has been replaced with individual seats

The interior of the EQS has also received some tweaks, with a focus on enhanced passenger comfort. The rear bench seat has been replaced with individual seats, offering a more personalized experience for rear passengers.

More details to be revealed soon

While details haven’t been fully revealed, we can expect the EQS to retain the impressive technological features that have become synonymous with Mercedes-Benz. This likely includes the expansive Hyperscreen dashboard with its integrated infotainment system and digital instrument cluster. Additionally, advanced driver-assistance features are expected to be on board.

With its extended range, subtle design refresh, and focus on passenger comfort, the Mercedes-Benz EQS positions itself as a formidable contender in the thriving luxury EV market. It caters to those who desire a blend of cutting-edge technology, superior comfort, and a touch of classic Mercedes-Benz design language in an electric package.

An official announcement regarding the EQS facelift launch shall come soon

While official pricing hasn’t been announced and now word yet about an India debut we will have to wait and see when this new EQS will make it to our shores.