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Our Motoring World Editor, Pablo, still vividly remembers the electrifying thrill of getting behind the wheel of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N a couple of months back. Its blend of futuristic design, instant electric torque, and surprising practicality left a lasting impression. But Hyundai wasn’t done there. They’ve ripped the “practical” out of the Ioniq 5 N equation and injected a heavy dose of adrenaline to create a purebred electric race car – the Ioniq 5 N eN1 Cup.

Intrigued by this electrifying transformation, we recently had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the eN1 at the Inje Speedium racetrack in South Korea. Here’s what sets this electric beast apart from its road-going cousin.

Shedding its road going disguise, the eN1 boasts an aggressive makeover. The front end features a prominent lip and dive planes, hinting at the downforce it can generate at high speeds. Oversized fenders bulge outwards, housing slick tires that scream track performance. But the most striking feature is the massive rear wing, a statement piece that leaves no doubt about the eN1’s racing intentions.

While the silhouette remains the same, the eN1 sits considerably lower thanks to a lowered suspension. This not only enhances handling but also creates a more hunkered-down, race-ready stance. Peek through the lightweight windows, and you’ll find a stripped-out interior devoid of creature comforts. A racing bucket seat replaces the driver’s seat, a roll cage adds crucial safety, and a minimalist digital display provides essential information.

The powertrain, however, remains largely unchanged. The eN1 retains the Ioniq 5 N’s impressive twin-motor setup, churning out a combined output of 478kW/641 bhp. But unlike the road car, the eN1 doesn’t prioritize everyday usability. Here, the focus is on raw power delivery and maximizing performance on the track.

Hyundai has yet to reveal official performance figures, but considering the extensive weight reduction and aerodynamic upgrades, expect the eN1 to be significantly faster than its road-going counterpart. This electric race car is a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the electric vehicle segment. It’s not just about creating practical everyday EVs; it’s about showcasing the thrilling potential of electric performance.

With the inaugural season of the eN1 Championship kicking off later this year, the Ioniq 5 N eN1 Cup is poised to redefine electric motor racing. Forget the silent hum of traditional EVs; the eN1 promises an electrifying spectacle of high-octane racing, with zero emissions and heart-stopping performance. We, at Motoring World, can’t wait to witness the future of electric racing unfold on the track.