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The new Gurkha five-door has been teased by Force Motors ahead of its expected launch later this year. The current-gen Gurkha remains a three-door SUV, and has been available for the last three years.

The teaser shows a glimpse of the five-door Gurkha with its iconic boxy and rugged profile. The SUV is surrounded by mountainous terrain with the SUV taking center frame.

The five-door Gurkha is expected to come equipped with a 2.6-litre, four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine producing 91 bhp and 25 kgm of torque. It is also expected to be available in both rear-wheel drive and 4×4 guise, with the latter featuring locking differentials on each axle.

While the Gurkha is expected to retain the boxy design from its three-door brother, changes include a longer wheelbase, rear doors, and windows being larger than before. Spy shots of test cars across social media show that the Gurkha may also sport an all-new design for the grille and boxy head-lighting system.

While the teaser does not speak much about the interiors of this SUV, we believe it will share many with its brother, the 3-door Gurkha. This would include dashboard design, centre console and the cabin in general. However, Force Motors is anticipated to introduce new additional features including different seating layouts including a three-row seating layout.

Interestingly, India is not the first country where the new Gurkha 5-Door will be debuted, with the vehicle previously showcased as the Ksatria SUV in Indonesia at the country’s defence expo back in 2022.

Until Force lifts the covers off of the five-door Gurkha, why not revisit our review of its three-door sibling here?