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Aston Martin’s latest teaser contains a cryptic message that isn’t really…erm all that cryptic, but it’s good news. The British car maker states that it is committed to sticking with V12 power, with an emphasis on this being ‘the dawn of a new V12 era.’ As for the not-so-cryptic message, Aston Martin is basically taking the curtains off the Vanquish later this year.

The car maker says that its twin-turbo V12 powertrain has been thoroughly redesigned, and some of the highlights include a strengthened cylinder block and conrods, redesigned cylinder heads, re-profiled camshafts, new intake and exhaust ports. The spark plugs have been repositioned and the fuel injectors now have a higher flow-rate to ensure optimised combustion, which in turn will result in better performance and efficiency. The twin-turbos now feature less inertia to deliver enhanced performance and throttle response. In terms of numbers, Aston Martin claims staggering figures of 823 bhp and 101 kgm of torque!

Of course, don’t expect this redesigned V12 to be a common sight; Aston Martin clearly says this monster will only be seen under the hood of its ‘most exclusive and limited availability models.’ The redesigned twin-turbo V12 will be handcrafted each year in limited numbers.

With these set of changes, we can’t help but wonder if the capacity of the twin-turbo V12 has been jacked up from its current 5.2-litre guise? Now that’s something we’ll discover in the months to come.

In the meantime, you can hit this link to hear what it sounds like!