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Tesla has revealed an updated Model S on their website, with a revised nose that takes inspiration from the Model X and the Model 3 in being more simpler and with no grille. The Model S also gets two new choices of wood trim for the interior together with the new air-filtration system that was introduced with the Model X.

Aesthetic changes aside, the new Model S also gets an upgraded 48-amp charger instead of the older 40-amp charger, which would result in faster charging. Tesla also claims that the range has gone up by an average of 32 kms across the range, with a maximum range of 473 km.

In other Tesla related news, a higher capacity battery pack is now being offered on the Model X, the all-electric crossover. The base model now gets an 75-kWh battery pack, instead of the 70-kWh unit, which was the smallest battery pack on could buy.  While the range has gone up by 27 km to 384 km, thanks to the bigger battery pack, the zero to 100 times remains the same at six seconds.