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Before you start thinking, Tata.ev’s newest acti.ev architecture is not to be confused with the Gen 3 platform that will underpin the production version of the Avinya concept and other premium vehicles. This is a Gen 2 platform that allows easier manufacturing of components, since this is a pure-electric platform that does not require any sort of repackaging when an existing combustion vehicle is converted into an EV.

Tata Sierra EV
The Tata Sierra EV will be built on this platform

Called acti.ev, Tata.ev’s newest all-electric platform will underpin upcoming electric versions of the Curvv, Sierra, Harrier, and the Safari. This will make things easier for Tata.ev from an engineering as well as a business perspective, since it will allow ICE and EV versions of these models to be built separately.

Tata’s acti.ev platform can support multiple configurations

The acti.ev platform can support multiple battery configurations, from rear-wheel drive, to front-wheel drive, and even all-wheel drive. It also allows multiple range options, from 300 km to 600 km, along with 7.2 kW to 11 kW on-board AC charging, and DC fast charging up to 150 kW, thereby enabling 100 km of range in just 10 minutes.

The platform is built on four different layers

The platform will also be built to comply with the latest Global NCAP and Bharat NCAP safety norms, maximising cabin and storage space with a flat floor and a frunk, while also having a low center of gravity to facilitate better handling and driving dynamics. Tata.ev also says this platform will be ready to take on not just level two ADAS capabilities, but also level 2+ at a later stage, while also featuring vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-vehicle charging technology. Lastly, this platform will also house an in-car app suite called Arcade.ev, which is likely to support third party apps and services.

Any guesses which model this could be?

To reiterate, this platform will underpin future models, such as the electric versions of the Curvv, Sierra, Harrier, and Safari. However, the fact that this platform allows rear-wheel drive raises a certain curiosity; is an electric version of the Sumo hidden somewhere in Tata.ev’s plans? Only time can tell. Meanwhile, the Punch.ev is the first car to be built on the new acti.ev platform, and Tata has opened bookings for an amount of Rs 21,000. We expect it to be launched sometime next month. For now, you can read more about it here.