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Suzuki has laid out a plan for the future, with its first electric car, currently known as the eVX, set to make its global debut in 2025. The Japanese car maker said that it is ‘exiting the ICE era with a focus on SUVs and the new Swift‘, following which it will begin an era of EV growth.

What does that mean? Well, Suzuki has confirmed that by early 2025 or sooner if it runs out of stock, it will bid farewell to the Swift Sport altogether. While the fourth-generation Swift made its debut globally, the future of the Swift Sport had remained uncertain until now, given that the latter is still on sale in the third-generation guise.

The Swift Sport is also joined by other models such as the 3-door Jimny LCV, Ignis, and the Swace. The Japanese car maker will then focus on a new hybrid lineup comprising of the regular Swift, the Vitara (not the Grand Vitara sold here), S-Cross, and the ACross plug-in hybrid that’s based on the Toyota RAV4 sold globally.

Maruti Suzuki EVX Concept
The Maruti Suzuki evX is likely to be produced at the upcoming plants

Meanwhile, the Suzuki eVX will target the Hyundai Creta EV that’s also coming sometime soon. Suzuki claims the eVX will feature a 60 kWh battery pack with a claimed range of 550 km on a single charge.

suzuki swift sport, maruti swift

However, the discontinuation of the Swift Sport comes as an incredibly sad news for enthusiasts. A car that eluded us throughout its lifetime, and now it’s destined to become the one that got away forever.