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Skoda is clearly helping its customers (both existing and prospective) build faith in its after-sales service. As a part of a Rs 100-crore investment, the company has introduced a ‘MySkoda’ mobile phone application.

Skoda ownership app features launched

Available on iOS and Android operating systems, the application lets you locate dealers, connect to the online Customer Care, and even book a service appointment. But more importantly it also lets owners access and maintain the full service history of the vehicle, get cost estimates for service, and also know the price of spares — for added transparency. Not to forget, every service gets an individual bill, on the app as well. Other features include updates/reminders about warranty, insurance, and even road-side assistance.

You can also save all important documents including insurance, PUC certificates, etc. in it. There’s also a way to track your expenditure on fuel and keep a log of it. And for those who have more than one Skoda in their garage — we can’t blame them; the cars are pretty robust and very likeable — there’s the MyGarage feature which lets you track/update information about every single one of them.