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There are two ways of mourning the inevitable (not official yet, though) loss of the Yeti. One is by going straight to the nearest Skoda dealership and picking one for yourself. Or you can accept the change, and wait for the new model. Which in this case happens to be the Skoda Karoq.

To make an official debut in Stockholm on May 18, the Skoda Karoq will sit below the Kodiaq in the company’s line-up. Other details about the engine and drivetrain options aren’t announced yet, but it’s safe to say that it will be MQB-based. There will also be optional AWD versions (clearly stated by the official image shared by Skoda), and expect the usual range of TDI and TSI engines mated to either manual or stellar DSG transmission.

The compact SUV will go on sale in certain markets in the second half of 2017, but its India arrival this year looks unlikely. More so because Skoda is yet to introduce the seven-seater Kodiaq in the country.

Also, should you wonder the origins of Karoq, it’s derived from the words Kaaroq and Ruq, from the language of Alutiiq tribe in the Alaskan region. Kaaroq means car, and Ruq means arrow. The latter is also present in Skoda’s symbol, hence the amalgamation.

Let’s hope it brings as much character as the Yeti. Even without the eccentric styling of the gen-1 car, if Skoda wants to cater to a larger audience. Because the Yeti dared to be different, in a market that’s full of similar-looking products. It also had robust mechanicals backing it. Gosh, we’ll miss it!