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Škoda India is shifting gears, and it’s all about digital transformation. The Czech carmaker recently announced a multi-pronged digital strategy aimed at revving up customer engagement and propelling the brand into a “New Era” of growth in the Indian market.

This digital blitz follows Škoda’s successful 2022, where they crossed the 1 lakh unit sales mark. Now, they’re leveraging technology to get closer to their customers and fuel further success.

One key element is a flurry of “360-degree digital activities.” This likely encompasses a range of online marketing initiatives, social media engagement, and interactive tools on the Škoda India website. These activities aim to create a more immersive and personalized brand experience for potential buyers.

Škoda also highlighted the success of their “Service CAM” initiative, a phone app that allows customers to monitor car servicing progress in real-time. This app empowers customers and fosters transparency, aligning with the growing demand for digital convenience in the automotive industry.

Looking ahead, Škoda’s digital push is likely to encompass a wider range of online services, potentially including virtual showrooms, online car configurators, and streamlined financing options. By embracing digitalization, Škoda India positions itself to cater to a tech-savvy customer base and maintain its strong presence in the ever-evolving Indian car market.