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2021 has a lot riding on it. Coming off a year like 2020, there are bound to be certain expectations. Take Mercedes-Benz for example, the company has some grand plans for India. The first and foremost is the launch of 15 new and facelifted products, which is quite a big deal. Some products on the list for 2021 include the A-Class Limousine, GLA-Class and the AMG GT Black Series. For this year, Mercedes-Benz will follow their new motto of ‘Reimagining Excellence’, to draw new customers into the fold.

The Germans began the new year with the unveiling of the MBUX Hyperscreen, which looks straight out of the future. This AI-heavy unveiling is said to be ‘an assistant for the driver and front passenger who is constantly learning’. Apart from being visually appealing, it also serves up a bunch of unique features like Mercedes Travel Knowledge, which provides interesting knowledge of the route you are on, and the ‘zero layer’, which provides important data to pop up without distracting the driver. Needless to say, we can’t wait to try this out for ourselves.

Furthermore, the MBUX Hyperscreen has 8 CPU cores, 24-gigabyte RAM and 46.4 GB per second RAM memory bandwidth. There are also 12 actuators beneath the touchscreen for haptic feedback during operation. That all aside, Mercedes-Benz also spoke about some of their key volume drivers from 2020, which included the C-Class sedan, E-Class LWB sedan and the GLC, GLE and GLS SUVs. Last year, a total of 10 cars were launched, which included the all-electric EQC, and the first Made in India AMG, the GLC 43 Coupe. There’s a lot to look forward to in 2021, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and masks on!