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Repsol, the Spanish oil major, has tied with GP Petroleums Ltd to manufacture and market its entire range of motor lubricants in India. The products to be made available in India include fully synthetic, synthetic blend and mineral based engines oils for two-wheelers (Repsol Moto Rider 4T 10W-30, JASO MA2), four-wheelers (Repsol Elite Neo XTI 5W-40, API SN-Fully synthetics )and commercial vehicles ( Repsol Diesel Turbo THPD MID SAPS XTI 15W-40, API CJ4).  Also in the product mix is an mineral based engine oil (Repsol Motomatic 10W-30, JASO MB) tailor made for scooters, one of the fastest growing segments in the India two-wheeler industry.

GP Petroleums will have the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute Respsol products all over India, and the partnership will, as of now, focus on the lubricant market only.  The parent company, Gulf Petrochem group is headquartered in UAE, is involved in everything from oil refining, trading, storage, distribution and logistics.