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The new Renault 5 E-Tech holds a legendary name and is this a new toy for the EV fanatic? Here is what we know.

The Renault R5 E-Tech made its debut to the world at the Geneva Motorshow right after the pandemic break. It was an urban electric car that created quite the buzz across the motoring industry while also sporting the ‘Renault 5’ tag.

The Renault 5 E-Tech is a supermini electric that is powered by the AmpR small platform which comes in two electric motor configurations; the urban 40KWh and the comfort 52KWh, the former produces a peak power of 118bhp having a driving range of up to 300 kilometres.

The latter 52KWh produces a peak power of 134bhp having a driving range of up to 400 kilometres.

This EV will have ADAS level 2 which will feature reverse braking assist, stop-and-go lane assist, cruising assist, and intelligent adaptive cruise control. The ‘M Safety Shield’ located on the steering wheel will let the driver deactivate their ADAS down to five features at any given time.

Both variants weigh less than 1.5 tons and have a wheelbase of 2540 mm. The car can charge to 80% in 30 minutes and also supports bi-directional charging by allowing owners to sell the car’s stored energy back into the power grid.

The car will also have access to all community features through the Renault app. This would include Google Maps with the inbuilt functionality to track and recommend power stations, voice recognition, vehicular information and others.

The EV sports a more futuristic design with LED lighting all across this supermini, vibrant colours called ‘Pop yellow’ and “Pop green’, the design team for this car stated their intention to adopt a more retrofuturistic style.

While the details of the price and release date are yet to be known, we can approximate around Rs. 22 Lakhs as directly converted from the 25,000 Euro price tag that was revealed by Renault.