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Tata Motors kicked off 2021 with the unveiling of the Altroz iTurbo. What is it? Essentially a turbocharged petrol variant of the premium hatchback. There’s now a 1.2-litre iTurbo motor under the hood which produces 109-bhp and 14.27-kgm of torque. This engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Reports suggest a 7-speed DCT as well, but there’s no official confirmation on that yet. Moreover, the Altroz iTurbo comes with ‘Sports’ mode which provides some extra kick, along with slight tuning to suspension and steering feel. Apart from that, the iTurbo variant pretty much the same as the standard Altroz.

The Altroz also gets a new black and white interior theme, smart wearable key, black contrast roof and a smart assistant called ‘IRA’. Through the latter, one can remotely operate the car from their smartphone, and even provide Hinglish commands within the car to operate certain features. Furthermore, Tata Motors claims a fuel efficiency figure 18.13 kmpl for the iTurbo, which is understandably slightly lower than the 1.2-litre NA engine. Also, the iTurbo variant will be available in the XT, XZ and XZ+ variants upon launch.

Those interested in having a go in the Altroz iTurbo will have to wait till tomorrow, which is when the test drive vehicles will arrive at showrooms. Bookings have also been opened for an amount of Rs 11,000. Most importantly though, pricing for the iTurbo variant will be announced on January 22. Also, before we forget, that ‘i’ in iTurbo stands for intelligent. Meanwhile, please do let us know what you make of the Tata Altroz iTurbo!