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MW: Can you share some insights into your vision for Volvo India’s PR and marketing strategy under your leadership?

JM: I am a firm believer that both Marketing and PR complement each other in helping build the Volvo Car brand while communicating with our relevant audiences with combined synergies. The successful combination of Marketing and PR strategies, working in tandem has reinforced brand Volvo as a leader in the luxury segment and more recently established the company as a leader in luxury e-mobility.

MW: With the growing competition in the Indian automotive market, how do you plan to differentiate Volvo’s brand positioning to attract more customers?

JM: Volvo Cars globally are known for the highest standards of safety and the company’s commitment to sustainability. We will continue to maintain this position as well as focusing on customer satisfaction. We offer our loyalty Tre Kronor program to our customers. This programme offers benefits and services designed for Volvo car owners, keeping the satisfaction and comfort of the customer in mind. Volvo Tre Kronor Experience Program provides owners with a specialised Volvo relationship manager, doorstep solutions for some specific services, complimentary pick-up and drop-off of automobiles for service-related needs, and more.Volvo-XC40-Recharge-Review (8) (Copy)

MW: Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. How will Volvo India incorporate sustainability into its PR and marketing initiatives given that the brand takes sustainability quite seriously.

JM: Yes! You are right when you say that Volvo Car takes sustainability seriously. Not only do our cars have a high component of recycled materials like ocean plastic waste and bio waste materials, but we also focus on sustainability outside of our products. In India, we are proud of our dealers who have gone green with extensive use of solar power, waste water management and water harvesting. We have contributed to communities by providing solar power plants to health centres. All these initiatives form the basis of any key messaging or narratives that marketing or PR disseminates.

MW: How do you plan to leverage digital platforms and technology to reach a wider audience and strengthen Volvo’s presence in the Indian market?

JM: Two things are certain — one is that the future is definitely electric and the second is that the digital world is here to stay. We at Volvo Car India leverage both. We are extensively focusing on marketing EVs in the country and are committed to becoming an all-electric company by 2030. We have very successfully used the power of the Metaverse to become the first company to launch an EV using the medium when we introduced the XC40 Recharge. Bookings for both our electric offerings — the XC40 Recharge and the C40 Recharge — are exclusively done online and we have had remarkable successes. Furthermore, Volvo Cars has solidified its presence in the Indian market with the establishment of its Digital Technology Hub in Bengaluru. This new space is designed to foster collaboration, spur innovation, and promote a flexible working environment. The Digital Technology Hub has enhanced Volvo Cars’ expertise in software engineering, data science, analytics, product management, user experience, and more. It will serve as a comprehensive delivery organization for Volvo Cars worldwide, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to advancing technological capabilities and meeting the evolving needs of its global customer base.

MW: Could you highlight any upcoming product launches or campaigns that Volvo India will be focusing on in the near future?

JM: We are committed to launch a new EV model every year and we have showcased that with the launch of the XC40 Recharge in July 2022. This was followed by India seeing the launch of the born-electric C40 Recharge in September 2023. We will continue with this trend this year also.

MW: Lastly, what key metrics or indicators will Volvo India be using to measure the success of its PR and marketing efforts under your leadership?

JM: While there are many metrics that can be used to measure marketing and PR, the ultimate metric is the impact on the bottom line as a result of all initiatives. We have had a very successful innings in India and have achieved the 10,000 cars mark in India from our Bengaluru facility. The 10,000th model was the all-electric XC40 Recharge SUV. The company recorded sales of 2,423 units in 2023 as compared to 1,851 units delivered in the corresponding year. This is a remarkable 31% increase in overall sales compared to the previous calendar year. All these are reflections of the various initiatives that we undertook.