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If you have purchased a Hyundai vehicle after 13th August 2020, there are some exciting offers waiting for you from Hyundai’s Mobility Membership program in India. For now, only these customers will be a part of this program, without having to pay any enrolment cost or subscription charges. All they have to do is log on to its app with their vehicle’s VIN details. Existing customers, fret not – you will also be added to the program, including owners of pre-owned Hyundai vehicles.

Hyundai’s partnership with multiple lifestyle brands opens up a pool of offers that can be availed by its customers. It will also offer discounts on car accessories, shopping, food outlets and many other services. More details will roll out soon for owners of multiple Hyundai vehicles and premium ones.

Customers can avail the aforementioned benefits right after downloading the app without having to redeem any points. These benefits are offered by Hyundai’s partners like Shell, Zoomcar and Gaana, among others. Slowly, Hyundai will add more brands based on the customer’s preferences. For more details on the application and the membership program, you can visit