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The Nissan Proto Z concept is finally here. It is still a concept car, but Nissan has promised that the production will more or less look the same as the Proto Z. It looks like the Z car is going back to its roots, with inspiration from older Z cars like the original 240Z. It looks smashing from every angle except for the rectangular grille up front. We hope that’s one element that doesn’t make it to the production version.

Inside, the car’s got modern influence, with all the information shown on a 12.3-inch digital display. Other notable points on the interior are the presence of a proper 6-speed manual transmission and a shift light on the tachometer. We’re liking what we see on the upcoming Z car. It will come with a twin-turbo V6 paired to the aforementioned 6-speed manual ‘box and a proper manual handbrake to let you have some tail-out action. We can’t wait for Nissan to launch this already!