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Update: A new teaser image of the front-end (above) gives away the new headlamp which not only looks larger but also has a different LED pattern, and a new grille

Volkswagen will unveil the sixth-generation version of the Polo hatchback on June 16. And since that also happens to be a Friday, it gives you another reason for this week to end, apart from the existence of a nagging boss.

Anyway, back to the Polo. While details are scarce, earlier spy shots have confirmed that the overall design will not change. Having said that, it might adopt a more grown-up look, like that of the VW Golf. The latest teaser image, shows new LED tail lamps, a new crease running across the side profile, and new alloys. Notice how the light unit is similar in shape to that of the current Polo.

With more than 14 million vehicles sold under the Polo brand, it’s quite a successful offering. And both the 6R and 6C (fifth generation versions; former’s the pre-facelift, while the latter is the current/outgoing one) have made a presence in the Indian market as well.

Often appreciated for the way it drives, the Polo could never be the perfect midsize hatchback, due to the lack of in-cabin space. The upcoming version is expected to change that, with a larger overall size and a spacious cabin, as the press announcement claims.

VW’s Head of Design, Klaus Bischoff said, “This Volkswagen can immediately be made out as the original of its class, but also as a completely new generation. A Polo with an expressive design which makes the compact sportier, cleaner and unique within the brand range. This is a car that fits in perfectly with our times – both visually and technologically.”