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The MG Comet is quirky, if not expensive for its size and what it offers. However, it has now received a massive price cut of up to Rs. 1,40,000 making the available trims more accessible to the Indian markets.

The updated prices are as follows:

MG Comet Pace (Entry-Trim)         – Rs. 6,99,000
MG Comet Play (Mid-Trim)             – Rs. 7,88,000
MG Comet Plush (Top End -Trim)  – Rs. 8,58,000

(All prices listed are ex-showroom)

The MG Comet is an electric hatchback powered by a 17.3 kWh battery pack, producing about 41 bhp and 11.2 kg/m of torque, capable of a range of 230 kilometres.

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