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Mercedes-Benz had given the CLA a subtle makeover and revealed it earlier this year at the New York Motor Show. And now they are getting it here, to India, launching the 2017 CLA on November 30th.


It really is neither a face-lift nor a makeover, since the changes are really very subtle. Outside, and up ahead, the best way to tell the 2017 model apart from the older one is the design of the air-dams, it is now slightly larger. The other big change is introduction of full-LED headlamps and new multi-spoke alloys. Inside, Mercedes has upgraded the central infotainment system software to make it compatible with Apple smartphones, and the screen is larger, an 8-inch one. Other than that, the upholstery and the materials have been given a redesign and there is more chrome detailing than before.


The four cylinder turbocharged engines on offer, the 134 bhp diesel and the 181 bhp petrol will continue unaltered, with the only mechanical change reserved for the CLA45 AMG. Software tweaks to the ECU has managed to eke out 21 bhp more from the 2.0-litre turbocharged four, to create a 376 bhp baby AMG. The CLA45 also gets the design updates to the rest of the range along with a new front-splitter, and ‘aero-blade’ on the side. While Mercedes will be not be launching the upgraded CLA45 AMG on the 30th, expect it to make its way to India soon.