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Mercedes is adding another drop-top the range, and this time it is the cabriolet version of the C-Class sedan. This will be a first for India, since the sedan is the only body-type from the C-Class range that has been sold here till now. The C-Cabrio coming here is the C300, which in Mercedes model number nomenclature, is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol. So while it not come with the silken V6 that we get with the E400 Cabriolet, the turbo-four produces a pretty respectable 240 bhp and is a more powerful than any C-Class petrol sedan sold here (other than the C63 AMG, ofcourse).

As with Mercedes cabriolets, technologies like the AIRSCARF neck-heating system and the Aircap wind deflector are going to standard features on the C300. While the interior is close to identical to that of the sedan, it is expected to come with higher quality trim, leather and technology which are options on the sedan, as standard. Although there are two seats in the back, it is nowhere near as spacious as the sedan.


If you are looking for backseat comfort, you might be interested in the S500 Cabriolet then, which is also getting launched on the 9th. However, a more compelling reason to buy the S500 would be the 4.7-litre V8 under the hood, putting out 449 bhp or the triple layer soft-top with an alcantara ceiling or the fact that you can own an S-Class, who’s roof disappears at the touch of button, leaving to waft in comfort with the blue sky over your head. Speaking of waft, the S-Class Cabrio does not get the Magic Body Control technology or the tilting system from the Coupe, because of weight and space issues, and has to do with a simple adaptive suspension set-up.

The C300’s 2.0-litre engine is going to paired with the 9G-Tronic transmission, and will come with  DYNAMIC SELECT which allows the driver to toggle between various driving modes. While there is a more powerful C43 AMG cabriolet too, Mercedes might want to hold on to that one for a while, so as not to compete with the recently launched SLC43 AMG.