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Artificial Intelligence, or AI as most of us call it, seems to be the trending words on everyone’s mouth these days. Mercedes-Benz is banking on this very opportunity, as it has just confirmed a next-generation MBUX Assistant which will be powered by AI. Mercedes-Benz will reveal its next-generation MBUX Assistant at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2024, or CES 2024, which will be held from January 9 till 12th in Las Vegas.

Details are obviously scarce at the moment, since this is just an announcement from the car maker. However, it did say that the upcoming MBUX Assistant will feature an entirely new graphic interface developed by Unity. Mercedes-Benz says it plans on leveraging AI to offer a more human-like experience with the MBUX Assistant, giving a new face to customers with an aim for natural interaction with customers. How does it plan to do that? By combining the systems of the MBUX Assistant into one single entity.

Besides this, Mercedes-Benz will also be showcasing the Concept CLA Class, along with a camouflaged prototype of the upcoming electric G-Class. Stay tuned for further details, and subscribe to our magazine for an action-packed 2024 coming your way; trust us, you don’t want to miss this!